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In the world of Internet Affiliates, Russell Brunson is a name that stands out in the crowd. Russell just graduated from college this past spring, but he was already making a very good income from internet affiliate programs before graduation. Russell has also been very successful with his internet marketing. Russell once earned $11,859.00 in a 48 hour period. He used a software tool he was asked to beta test for a fellow developer. Brunson developed a software product and put it on line and started his internet marketing. Forty-eight hours later he had reached $11,859.00 in sales.

No one is able to turn that kind of profit unless they know something about marketing. Russell Brunson knows quite a bit about internet marketing and with that knowledge he has developed Link Brander.

A problem many affiliate marketers have is link theft. What is link theft? It’s when you supply a link in an ad, sales letter, or webpage and another affiliate comes along and inserts their affiliate id in place of yours. They get the credit for the sale and also claim the customer as theirs. Link Brander provides a way to protect and increase the affiliates commissions. Another benefit is shorter urls. Many affiliates are giving affiliate links that are so long and in many cases are not able to fit on one line. Link Brander creates a nice short link to use. Affiliates do not have to worry about their affiliate ids being replaced, because the id is hidden from the user.

Russell surveyed over 11,300 affiliates and found the number one concern they had was fear that people are stealing their commissions. Because of that fear and Russell’s knowledge of marketing, he developed Link Brander. Russell created the tool as a viral marketing tool as well. Viral marketing means your efforts are increased exponentially with others help.

After reviewing Link Brander and its features, it became very clear that Russell Brunson put in a large amount of research, knowledge, expertise, and development into Link Brander. For those who have used InstantBuzz to help market their product or affiliate links, you will be familiar with the technique used with Link Brander.

In summary, Link Brander receives high marks for creating a solution for affiliate marketers by:

1. Protecting the Affiliates id

2. Creating a short link from the long affiliate links some programs hand out

3. Affiliates are able to advertise there websites across a network of sites

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